Working for a p.r. firm is not something I dreamed about doing since I was a kid. Hell, I didn’t even know what p.r. was until my sophomore year in college.

It’s funny how I ended up in this field. Well, it’s not funny, although some days I have to laugh to stay sane.

When I was a kid I had many aspirations…I was a dreamer, a thinker, a doer (a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker) and somehow I ended up sitting at a desk for most of the day. Go figure. Let’s explore some of my past career path ideas:

My favorite movies growing up (and even now) are the Indiana Jones series. I loved him so much as a kid, I refused to think he was an actor (regardless of the countless times I saw Indie playing Han Solo in Star Wars). I thought that someday I would uncover cool biblical artifacts, get chased around by Germans and, if I’m lucky, save a few starving Indian kids. There was even a point where I was obsessed with Egypt and uncovering secrets of the pyramids. While other kids were happy with a new Nintendo game, I got an Ancient Egypt book and “exploratory kit.” It came with a paper pyramid, paper sarcophagus you could put together, “authentic” hieroglyphics with translations so you could write/draw your own…I was in nerd heaven.

My dad is a chemist…I figured, I can do something science oriented too. Sure, why not be an engineer? Oh yeah, I don’t know much about physics (thanks high school!)….What do you mean I have to take three years of calculus? No.


I haven’t actually given up on this career. It’s something I want to do in the future, after I’ve burnt myself out in public relations. No elementary – too young and irritating. No middle school – this is when kids realize they can be a–holes to….everyone. High school – ah, just my speed…still can be a–holes, but at least you can tell them that (well, you can’t really call then a–holes, although it does have a much better sound than the other a-word).