Alcohol. Didn’t I just do a post about this? I guess I get inspired under the influence.

As I returned home from my holiday office party. I thought about what a great equalizer alcohol is. Regardless if you’re the CEO or the person answering the phones, alcohol does not discriminate.

So what if you advise multi-million dollar companies, once you knock a couple back no one can tell the difference between you dancing the Chacha Slide, or the guy down the hall who troubleshoots the office computers. Slide to the right….slide to the left.

So I got to thinking, there are many other equalizers out there. So what if you have a fancy shmancy college degree? Or a 6-figure paying job? There are just something that level the playing field. Which I feel is a beautiful thing. It’s quite interesting to see a person out of the context that they’ve built around themselves.

For example. How many “tough” guys have you seen become total pansies when on the phone with mommy.

How many hot shots revert back into their former selves at a high school reunion. So what if you drive a Benz now, you were one of those weird kids that hung out on the benches by C-building.

Oh, so you were a 4.0 student in college? Sucks that some kid who barely graduated after 8 years had a better interview that you did. Congrats, you win some degree with an extra gold star. They get that job you wanted.

However much it sucks, those great equalizers are beautiful things. It keeps one humble and forces your to “check yo self.”

Any other equalizers of note you can think of?