There comes a point in one’s life when you look down at your closet and realize the word chic is not a word you can use decriptively. Being twenty-something and fabulous was an idea you had when you were in high school, and somehow hagulous is more of the truth.

Alright, so I’m not that bad – however I’ve decided to use this blog to get myself out of my fashion rut as well as for my random musings.

One problem is that I live in the tropics – yes, Hawaii. Fashionable here consists of the rubbah slippahs without the puka. Then, of course, the lack of seasons. While we do bust out our jackets when it dips below 70 degrees, you’ll get funny looks if you attempt most of the winter outerwear during our “winter.”

Now the most important factor holding me back has to do with the pocketbook – but I know there’s got to be a way to be stylish and not strapped for cash. A designer shoe would equal my monthly take home pay. But hell if I’m gonna go broke in the name of labels…

So here it goes. My brush with HI fashion. On a budget.