Thanks to my coworker Amy I got my hands on the entire Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. Assessment?

I loved it. I’d put it in my “chick lit” category. General consensus from every other female I’ve spoken to is that the series’ appeal is the fact that it makes us remember how we felt at that angst-ridden teenage stage…and consequently, the angst-ridden romances. I finished the four ridiculously long books in a week’s time. Which means I met my 30 book quota for the year. HURRAH!

To spare you from the details of my love affair with these books, I give you my book reviews twitter-style (and FAR from eloquent). In 140 characters or less. WARNING: There may be spoilers, so stop reading if you want to be surprised.


Beginning reminded me of how awkward I was when I was 17…VERY. Captured the ridiculous feeling of young love very well. Action filled end.

New Moon

Pissed me off at the beginning-PERFECT. Loved how Jacob’s character was built up. Slightly random ending, but overall is better than book 1.


My personal favorite. Action, excitement, character development. Pain, Love, closure. I would have been okay if this were the last book.

Breaking Dawn

Weird, but good. Hero’s journey comes to an end (yay!). Parts of the book not suitable for younger readers. Fun read, but still weird.

I’m so sad that I have to return these books, that I just might purchase my own copies.