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After work on Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting my friend Darcy’s fish. To put it nicely, it’s a pretty weird creature. It can’t swim straight (rather upside down) and can’t seem to stay underwater with a tendency to float towards the surface.

Maybe it was fish abuse….tsk tsk Darcy.


After 61 years, Aloha Airlines‘ passenger service will be no more effective March 31, 2008.

Read more about it.

Unexpected? Not really, but you can never truly be prepared. I have a few family members who will lose their jobs. Nothing new, as my family was also affected when Del Monte pulled out of Hawaii completely.

Thoughts? I’ll post more later when I get back from dinner.


I added a longer post, but something freaked out on my computer and ERASED IT ALL. I don’t feel like rewriting everything, so check out the Kam Family Blog posts instead.

There are very few other shows that are as far reaching as American Idol. It seems that every other country has their own spinoff of the American version…which was a spinoff of a UK show, so go figure.

While I used to be an avid watcher of this show, it’s been a while since I’ve watched it religiously. However, I do enjoy train wrecks, and these gems from the Bulgarian version of Idol is even better than the William Hung travesty a few years ago.

We’ve all heard horror stories about identity theft. Luckily most people who have at least a general understanding of the web know the dos and don’ts of floating around private/personal information over the web.

So what if your private information was emailed to someone else accidentally (or stupidly…whichever you prefer). Enter Do Not Reply.

From their “About” page:

First, no we didn’t send the mail.

There are only about handful of registered owners of a email address. What normally happens is some spammer slugs it in, or more likely a lazy IT person decides they don’t want to deal with bounced emails one of their programs send out, so what they do is set it to something cute at as the return address.

They think this solves the problem. No more bounced emails!

But in reality what they have just done is sent all bounced emails to me. And not just bounced emails, but if someone gets an email with the address and replies to it? Well hell, I get those too. Sometimes it is a quick note, sometimes it is a personal attack against another staff member… who knows!

“Ha!” you say. The people who I provide my deepest, darkest secrets to (well maybe your account information) are too smart for that. Apparently a few national financial companies were culprits…ah yes, and the government.

Next time you see a, you’ll be happy to know that some guy named Chet is now part of your inner circle and privy to your deepest, darkest secrets (or account information).



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