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So I’ve been neglectful to this poor blog this year. After lurking on a few of my other friends’ blogs…I’ve decided to make a triumphant return. For now anyway.

Well I discovered a little jewel of a site called Overheard in New York from Peter Shankman’s now defunct P.R. Differently blog (he still blogging, but now on

Here’s a great jewel:

Girl #1: Lately, I just haven’t felt like going out. I’ve turned into such a…What’s the word? A homophobe.
Girl #2: What? Don’t you mean a homophiliac?
Girl #1: Yes! That’s what I meant! God, why can’t I think straight today?

They also have fun spin-off sites like Overheard in the Office and Celebrity Wit.

It reminds me of one of my coworkers who began putting up quotes she heard in the office from one particular quirky quotable character we have the pleasure of working with. We get jewels like this:

“Women will never use a product like Viagra if they ever made it for them. That’s because they think of sex as a chore like washing windows. That’s women after children. And I know because I married one of yous. After we had kids, I thought my name was ‘back off.’ “

So what have you overheard lately?


My first post. For the umpteenth time. I’ve tried blogging in the past but it has never worked quite as I would hope.

Mostly because I get lazy. Also because I run out of things to write about. Often because I forget about them.

So why is this one any different? Who knows. Maybe it’s not.


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