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As I woke up this morning, at precisely 6 a.m., I thought to myself, “Where the hell did this weekend go?” I’ve been having a bunch of those lately. Soon, I will have a 15-day long weekend…hallelujah for extended vacations. 

This also means I will attempt to blog more – poor little thing that keeps getting neglected. Inspiration is hard to come by when you just want to pass out. Staying true to my Libra nature – I do try to analyze which of the two I should give in to – the passing out usually wins. So before my inspiration recieves another KO blow, I give you my 10 of the day.

1. I realized that I have way too many cousins to shop for. Darn fertile grandmother for having 7 kids. Gift cards it is.

2. Christmas trees – Went to Don Quijote to check out their selection of greenery. $40 dollars for a 4 foot, ugly and stumpy tree? No. I’ll get a Hanukkah bush instead. 

3. Indian Food – My boss brought in leftovers from his Saturday shindig. Ridiculously delish. However, I should probably invest in Tums.

4. Backpacks – Who would have thought you could buy a $100 backpack. RIDICULOUS. It better last for-effing-ever.

5. Leggings – Like wearing pajamas to the office.

6. Maui Onion Chips – Heavenly. And worth the halitosis.

7. Burda Style – Hooray tips, tricks and patterns for sewing. Most are free (even better).

8. This is It 2 – Sesame bialy with cream cheese and tomato, $2.50

9. Chictopia – Inspirasyon

10. Fringe bangs – I want now.




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There are two things from American Apparel that I’ve been leering at for a while (I like that word, leering – makes everything sound dirty):

American Apparel Le Sac Dress, $38

American Apparel Le Sac Dress, $38

American Apparel Circle Scarf, $28

American Apparel Circle Scarf, $28

So simple, yet so versatile. So simple, in fact, that even I – talentless wonder – can put together a semblance of these two pieces. One is basically a really long piece of fabric sown into a circle. The other is two pieces of rectangle fabric sewn together with some ribbon looped in.

These, my friends are my projects for the weekend. It’s time for a trip to my parents house – and the free use of a sewing machine. I’ll be sure to post some DiY how-tos if I pull them off.

Photos are from American Apparel.

Oh boy, how I’ve neglected this poor blog. Well. no time like the present to get with it. Another Sunday at the parents’ means thrifting with my mom and sister, access to a sewing machine, and jewelry redesign. Something about the crisp, clean, country air inspires me.

It was really a productive weekend…so productive in fact, that I think I think this post warrants different sections:

Sew Necessary

Let’s face it, I am NO designer. However, I at least have working knowledge of how to use a sewing machine. I had a pair of cheap pants fron Old Navy that had seen better days. After a year of wearing, it was time for them to go. However, I could not bear to donate them as they had an oh-so-cute paperbag waist…something that I have rarely been able to find in my size. So I got to snipping and they now have a new life as a skirt.

And then I went a little sew happy – and made another skirt from some weird MC Hammerish pants I found in my mom’s closet.

My final feat was making a skirt from an old jersey dress. Thank goodness it was black, as all my mistakes were forgiven. It didn’t quite look right on me – but it did look lovely on my sister…

and even better when we styled it as a dress.

Bling Bling

I have a difficult time buying new jewelry. Mostly because my mother seems to give me new pieces weekly. She volunteers at a thrift store and gets first dibs (not to mention ridiculous discounts) on incoming items. That being said, she has a great eye for jewelry, and pieces that need just a little something else. Her motto is why buy it new, when you can restyle something even better. After cleaning up my jewelry wall (I have that many accessories…yikes!) and thanks to a donation by my coworker, I present my two newest lovelies:

Beachy Pink – when I wear them I can hear the ocean…

Simple Plan – not sure if I’m sold on these…they’re a little too dainty for me


My mother, sister and I all have an affinity for thrift stores. My sister and I were late adopters. When we were kids, most of what our mom would buy us was thrifted…we didn’t see the beauty in the funny smelling old clothes. But now we see the light.

And I lucked out on our Sunday trip to Savers and found a dress that I was considering buying two weeks ago. That just so happened to be the color of the day! Now, this loverly wool jumper dress was mine for a mere $4. Hooray!

All in all…a great weekend to be had by all.

Friday night was a karaoke adventure with the office girls.


Rhegan, Me, Randi, Mel, Bianca & Bev

Love these girls!

Dancing in the Seats

Dancing in the Seats

While the night was fun, it was not without casualties. My knee being one of them.



Hooray for three day weekends. I spent the day with my family (precious, I know). Something about being back at my parent’s helps me to unwind and get the creative juices flowing.

I’ve been eyeing this cute belt from J. Crew for a while:

J. Crew Rosette Belt

J. Crew Rosette Belt

While perusing ebay for a good deal, I found this AWESOME DiY by Fab Finds Under $50. So after ransacking some clothes in my mom’s donation pile I created my own:

J. Crew Rosette Belt Knockoff

J. Crew Rosette Belt Knockoff

And made a few rosettes to jzhush on of my blah cardigans.

Later in the afternoon – whilst in the mood we went perusing at Saver’s in Waipahu. Color of the day was blue and I scored two great skirts that happened to also be the color of the day (and 50% off!) – a plain grey pencil skirt ($6.50) nd a kick ass Ralph Lauren sailor-style skirt ($5). The sailor skirt was a bit long, but nothing a quick hem job couldn’t fix. I also got a cute bomber style jacket that I love.

So without further ado, here are my new duds:

Hooray Savers!

Hooray Savers!

There comes a point in one’s life when you look down at your closet and realize the word chic is not a word you can use decriptively. Being twenty-something and fabulous was an idea you had when you were in high school, and somehow hagulous is more of the truth.

Alright, so I’m not that bad – however I’ve decided to use this blog to get myself out of my fashion rut as well as for my random musings.

One problem is that I live in the tropics – yes, Hawaii. Fashionable here consists of the rubbah slippahs without the puka. Then, of course, the lack of seasons. While we do bust out our jackets when it dips below 70 degrees, you’ll get funny looks if you attempt most of the winter outerwear during our “winter.”

Now the most important factor holding me back has to do with the pocketbook – but I know there’s got to be a way to be stylish and not strapped for cash. A designer shoe would equal my monthly take home pay. But hell if I’m gonna go broke in the name of labels…

So here it goes. My brush with HI fashion. On a budget.


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