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As I woke up this morning, at precisely 6 a.m., I thought to myself, “Where the hell did this weekend go?” I’ve been having a bunch of those lately. Soon, I will have a 15-day long weekend…hallelujah for extended vacations. 

This also means I will attempt to blog more – poor little thing that keeps getting neglected. Inspiration is hard to come by when you just want to pass out. Staying true to my Libra nature – I do try to analyze which of the two I should give in to – the passing out usually wins. So before my inspiration recieves another KO blow, I give you my 10 of the day.

1. I realized that I have way too many cousins to shop for. Darn fertile grandmother for having 7 kids. Gift cards it is.

2. Christmas trees – Went to Don Quijote to check out their selection of greenery. $40 dollars for a 4 foot, ugly and stumpy tree? No. I’ll get a Hanukkah bush instead. 

3. Indian Food – My boss brought in leftovers from his Saturday shindig. Ridiculously delish. However, I should probably invest in Tums.

4. Backpacks – Who would have thought you could buy a $100 backpack. RIDICULOUS. It better last for-effing-ever.

5. Leggings – Like wearing pajamas to the office.

6. Maui Onion Chips – Heavenly. And worth the halitosis.

7. Burda Style – Hooray tips, tricks and patterns for sewing. Most are free (even better).

8. This is It 2 – Sesame bialy with cream cheese and tomato, $2.50

9. Chictopia – Inspirasyon

10. Fringe bangs – I want now.




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I was hanging out with my parents in Wahiawa last weekend and decided to eat breakfast with my sister at Koa Pancake House. It’s a little breakfast place in the boonies of Central Oahu. They also have locations in Aiea, Moanalua and Waipahu.

I usually order one of their ono omeletes and chocolate chip pancakes, but my sister told me that they had eggs benedict on their menu.

If you know me, then you know about my ridiculous obsession with eggs benedict. Eggs + ham + English muffin + hollandaise sauce = Breakfast of the gods. I recently introduced the dish to my sister a few months ago and she too has been seduced by the creamy, rich goodness.

Eggs benedict brings back memories of late nights and Wailana Coffee House. It’s my go-to anti-hangover dish, so I’ve vowed to sample eggs benedict at as many different places I can find.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Koa Pancake House, but when the waitress came out with our order, my sister and I couldn’t wait to dig in. The hollandaise was perfectly made, smooth, creamy with a hint of lemon. The muffin and ham were pretty standard, but like Wailana Coffee House they also added a slice of turkey breast. The skillet potatoes were a little crispy and perfect for soaking up the extra sauce.

Eggs Benedict at Koa Pancake House

We also were overly ambitious and ordered chocolate chip pancakes which were light, fluffy and tasty as always.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes at Koa Pancake House

We couldn’t help but to attack the eggs benedict first…it didn’t stand a chance. But then we had no room for the chocolate chip pancakes. We both had a bit of a food coma afterwards, but it was worth it. And my dad had a nice chocolately snack for lunch.


Koa Pancake House
703 California Avenue
Wahiawa, HI 96786
(808) 621-0123


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